The app will auto-update.  Here are the release notes:


  • Beautiful and seamless cursor.
  • Selection (by character, word, or line).
  • Copy/Paste.
  • Drag and drop files.


  • Buffer clearing with command-K.
  • Use option/alt as meta key.
  • Forward delete key.
  • Three new classic fonts (thanks to Damien Guard).
  • More bit-rates to choose from.


  • Now fully 64-bit, fully Cocoa, using the modern Objective-C runtime, and compiled with LLVM.


  • Fixed some terminal alignment glitches (often seen in “screen”).
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring in “vttest”.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing jumbled text on older nVidia cards.
  • Users are now properly warned about all unsupported graphics hardware.