The app will auto-update.  Here are the release notes:

Text Editor

  • You can now view and edit plain text files without an underlying terminal.
  • Use “Open” or “New Editor” in the file menu.
  • Supports standard Mac OS keyboard shortcuts for text navigation.
  • Uses standard Mac OS open/save panels and change tracking.

Sound Effects

  • New section of the Preferences for customizing sounds.
  • Categories:
    • Startup chimes
    • Ambient fan, hard drive, and CPU sounds
    • Scroll feedback
    • Character entry clicks
    • Error beeps
    • Modem noise

Custom Screen Reflection

  • Use your webcam to take a static reflection photo of your environment.
  • This is the most requested feature of all time.


  • Pasted text is no longer escaped with slashes.
  • Use the option key and left/right arrows to move by word at the shell prompt.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing copied text to be cropped.
  • Fixed a crash caused by unexpected unicode characters.
  • Removed some asserts that were accidentally left enabled in release builds.