Here are the release notes:


  • Open URLs by command double-clicking
  • Scrollbars can be hidden when not using the mouse/trackpad
  • Key repeat is back
  • Drag and drop reflection image in preferences
  • Scrolling now works smoothly in background windows


  • 256 colors
  • Blinking text
  • Underlined text
  • ASCII line drawing characters
  • Set TERM (xterm/xterm-color/xterm-256color) from the preferences
  • Better emulation, especially in Midnight Commander


  • New Overbright slider that is separate from Glow
  • Other monitor properties have been renamed (Interlace -> Scan-Lines, Contrast -> Backlight, Line -> Retrace)


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when closing windows or moving windows between multiple monitors
  • Fixed a bug that could truncate long strings when copied
  • Select-by-word properly understands Cyrillic characters