Here are the release notes:


  • Documents and windows are restored between app launches
  • Text documents use auto-saving on Mac OS 10.7
  • New menus for controlling fonts, colors, and themes


  • Common commands can be stored as Favorites
  • Favorites can be launched with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Middle click copies selected text, or pastes the clipboard
  • PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys can send custom control codes


  • A new “Camera” mode for converting live video feeds to ASCII art (see the Favorites menu)


  • New “minimal” rendering mode (“low” and “medium” coming soon)
  • Smoother fluid mode resizing


  • Terminal no longer resizes when starting “screen”
  • Fixed a bug that was inverting text incorrectly
  • No more mouse cursor drawing conflicts
  • DISPLAY envar is now properly set