Which character sets does Blinky support?

Blinky supports Unicode and saves files with UTF-8 encoding.

The app can display all Western European symbols, including Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, Hebrew, and Mathematics.

Blinky cannot currently display Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic. We’re working on this.

Will Blinky work on my older Mac?

Any Pro Macs or iMacs made since 2007 will be more than adequate.

For MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and Mac minis, the cutoff is mid-2008.

Please note the following older graphics cards are not supported:

  • Intel GMA 950
  • Intel GMA X3100
  • ATI Radeon X1600
How can I minimize CPU and battery usage?

When many effects are turned on, Blinky can take up more CPU and battery than you might like.

There are many ways to control performance:

  • Set the rendering quality (minimal, low, medium, or high).
  • Lower the frame rate.
  • Turn off some effects.
  • Disable retina support.
  • Increase the font zoom.
  • Make windows smaller.
What’s the difference between Blinky and Cathode?
  • Blinky and Cathode both share the same style, but they’re intended for different audiences.
  • Blinky is a simple writing app that can be used by absolutely anyone.
  • Cathode does everything Blinky can, but it includes many advanced features for hackers.
  • If you’re just looking to have fun and write, try Blinky.
  • If you’re a geek who wants to go down the rabbit hole, try Cathode.