Here are the release notes:

Save Screenshots

  • Use the File menu or Command-Shift-P
  • Saves PNGs with transparency.
  • Works with retina displays.

Bug Fixes

  • A crash related to closing windows has been fixed.
  • Typing in a disconnected terminal now works properly.
  • Improved stability with the following graphics cards:
    • Intel HD 3000
    • ATI Radeon HD series

Here are the release notes:


  • New icon.
  • New spring effect when scrolling or moving windows.


  • Better support for opening text files from the Finder or Dock.
  • Fixed some crashes related to closing windows and multiple monitors.
  • Older MacBookPros no longer display an empty picture.
  • Setting a custom reflection photo works once again.

Here are the release notes:

Retina Display Support

  • Enable it in the Preferences
  • Leave it off for higher framerates
  • Works with mixed monitor setups

New Mouse Options

  • Copy on select
  • Paste with the right or middle mouse button
  • Enable these features in the Terminal section of the preferences

Visual Improvements

  • Glow effect looks much more realistic
  • Noise and retrace effects don’t go outside the picture area
  • Transparency works in Low rendering mode
  • Minimal rendering mode text is sharp
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a slight flash when switching windows

Here are the release notes:


  • Autosaving can be disabled for text documents.
  • Smoother window resizing and font zooming.
  • Better resampling for Picture and Camera documents.
  • Reflection image can be selected using an Open dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Text no longer disappears in background windows on certain ATI graphics cards.
  • Initial window sizing and placement is smarter.
  • Scrolling never occurs when clicking in the toolbar.