Cathode for iOS will debut on the App Store this Wednesday, February 26th. It’s a universal app that runs on all iOS 7 devices. The UI has been meticulously designed for both the iPad and iPhone.

Here are the release notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Bold colors work better.
  • Dark grey text is no longer invisible in some cases.
  • TMPDIR and DISPLAY are set properly.
  • Reflection works better with multiple monitors


  • Made blues brighter.
  • Added yank and kill shortcuts to the editor. (^K and ^Y)
  • Better services integration for text and URLs.

Blinky is a simple text editor with all the vintage CRT effects of Cathode.

Use it for writing, taking notes, making lists, generating ASCII art, saving images, etc.

Great for people who like the 80’s aesthetic, but don’t need a terminal.

Cathode 2 is finally available on the Mac App Store. Here’s the link.

To all the customers who have been using version 1.2, thanks for being patient, and we hope you enjoy the free update.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • Retina support
  • More Unicode characters
  • Font pixel scaling
  • Improved window resizing
  • Options for less CPU/battery consumption
  • Much better terminal emulation
  • Save screenshots
  • View your webcam as ASCII art
  • Mac OS X 10.8 support

Here are the release notes:

Save Screenshots

  • Use the File menu or Command-Shift-P
  • Saves PNGs with transparency.
  • Works with retina displays.

Bug Fixes

  • A crash related to closing windows has been fixed.
  • Typing in a disconnected terminal now works properly.
  • Improved stability with the following graphics cards:
    • Intel HD 3000
    • ATI Radeon HD series